The Lais of Marie de France

The Lais of Marie de France are a series of twelve short poems about courtly love composed in the twelfth century. Although they are nearly a thousand years old, their lessons about sweet, sweet romancing persist.

generate your own comic lai:

Although she was the first major lady writer in medieval Europe, we know very little about Marie de France except that she composed her poetry sometime between 1160 and 1199. Her parables resemble fairy tales in their cast of characters and narrative structure, but served more as a deep investigation of romantic love itself than vehicles for moral instruction.

This Marie de France comic generator was designed, illustrated, and coded by Joyce Rice at American University Game Lab in 2016. It's composed of more than 35 panels and operates within 20 degrees of gentleness/brutality and honor/passion. There are thousands of possible stories for minutes of fun!

For more info on how it works, check out the repository on github. For more digital comics, drawings, and pictures of my chickens, follow me on twitter.